We consider ourselves very lucky when it comes to our job. They say that if you enjoy what you do then you will never work a day in your life, a saying that is so true to us because of our passion for the industry and everything we do. This passion and dedication always shows through in our work and we also consider the partnership we have to be unique not just in the way we work seamlessly together but also in the content we produce.


If you're looking to gain an edge over your competitors, show off new products or your business the most important tool in this day and age is visual media. If people cannot connect with you on a personal level you will never find longevity in your business, this corresponds to the power of social media and the internet and is one of the most important tools to have.


At Mantis Pro Media, we specialise in Photography, Videography and Social Media and combining these mediums to work together is what is unique about us. We have a wide range of Media Packages to suit whatever you are trying to achieve and we bring along our extensive experience in multiple industries to make sure you get exactly what you want and hit the audience you need to achieve.


One of the UK's highest profile live action sports events hosts and sports commentators across a multitude of arenas. From FMX and MX racing to BMX and Mountain Bike Dirt, through to Snowsports, Wakeboarding, Thundercat racing and even the world of equestrian sport. He plays host to crowds of thousands, presents live and scripted coverage of these same events and often scripts and voices post-event coverage too.


Matt’s energy and hosting style is one of unadulterated enthusiasm and passion for not only the sports themselves but for the crowd's involvement and enjoyment in the action taking place. Matt’s versatile style of hosting enables him to jump from the experienced and highly knowledgeable expert interpreter of the action unfolding to the ‘everyman’ host, ingratiating newcomers to any given sport so that both the discerning and uninitiated alike feel included, engrossed and always left wanting for more.


Having hosted live events, presented TV/video coverage and performed voice-over narration and commentary in over 15 different sports for the past 18 years, Matt has a wealth of experience in live performances, presenting and commentary of every kind. Whether it is a 10 thousand strong packed Wembley Arena, a Facebook Live post while wakeboarding, introducing music acts to huge crowds at festivals and gigs or off the cuff presenting to people on the street, he thrives in every setting.


Good graphic design is about telling a story through the use of images and text. Good branding is about having a logo and social media pack with easy to identify elements that allow people to instantly recognise your business.  Design is obviously a visible skill, but we also add value to any project as we understand and translate a brief with care and provide a high-quality service.


We've provided logos, business cards, social media packs, flyers, infographics and post-production visual effects for many different industry sectors. These include restaurants, health and beauty, fashion, business, music, and sporting events.


Every industry brings its own unique challenges, but we find this an enjoyable part of the creative process… bringing something fantastically eye-catching and unique to the table is something that we love to provide. We also recognise that creativity is subjective and as such it can be a very iterative process, so I work closely with clients to ensure that not only is the brief met but the end result exceeds expectations, all within the time span that is needed.


I can provide anything from a simple logo or vector graphic through to photo edits and special effects logo animation to open your presentation, conference or exhibition event.  If you are starting an entirely new business and are looking for a completely new brand or even if you already have an established business and have a new campaign to launch, then we are here to help.  We have packages to suit all budgets, big or small.












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