Mantis Pro Media was Established in 2017 and became Limited in 2018. Mantis was born from an idea, an idea to combine Photography and Videography in a seamless way and produce media campaigns for the action sports industry. We felt that we could aid & hopefully calibrate with companies to help them sell products across there social media and print platforms.


In just 2 years we have gone from an idea to reality and we know work with some of the biggest action sports brands and event producers across the UK & Europe. One of the biggest issues with any Media campaign is "time" from the start of an idea to the outcome should be quick, social media and news travel's at such a speed if you're not constantly active with content you'll be lost in media heaven.


We produce high-quality content in real-time, this means if you have a product to sell we can help get it in front of your customers faster which in turn means longer exposure. We also found that our idea transferred over to events. showing all the action in real-time across all media formats so our customer's subscribers can see what they're missing not what they've missed days after an event has finished. 



We are passionate about what we do and we would love to help you achieve your goals CLICK, below and get in touch.

"Mantis are one of the best media companies I've ever had the pleasure of work with, fast reliable and there work is flawless, I would recommend them to anyone"

Milly Bartholomew - FIX Auto Uk

"We hold a Company conference every year 2018 was the first year we used Mantis as our media partners and know we have them on our books as full-time media consultants. amazing content creators"

Matt Bates - ASL

"We run one of the biggest Action Sports events in Europe Jon & Sam have been invaluable when it comes to creating our content, fast reliable, first in last out"

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